Other Products

Dynolite offer a broad range of oils and lubricants for Veteran, Vintage, Classic cars and motorcycles, blended to exceed the original vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Dynolite Shock Absorber Oil

This anti-foam shock oil is specially formulated for single or double action shock absorbers.

Dynolite Lead Substitute

Dynolite Lead Substitute is a lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel.

Dynolite Valve Guard

3 in 1 fuel treatment, 250ml

Dynolite Silicone Brake Fluid

Silicone brake fluid offers a variety of benefits over traditional glycol brake fluids, making it ideal for Historic vehicles and vehicles that are unused for long periods of time.

Dynolite Supercool Coolant

Super Cool wetter additive is specially formulated to enhance cooling system performance by maximising the thermal transfer ability of coolant.

Engine Oil


Gear Oil

Transoils, Hypoids and Grease