Dynolite Valve Guard

3 in 1 fuel treatment, 250ml


This octane booster enhances and protects the combustion of the engine. This high performance, three in one formula combines an efficient octane improver with ethanol corrosion protection and a lead substitute. The octane improver is designed to enhance the combustion of the fuel and combat pre-ignition (often called pinking or knocking) particularly in engines where high octane (5 star) fuel was originally specified. The ethanol corrosion protection combats the harmful effects of ethanol fuels (E10). The lead substitute provides valve seats with protection against wear & recession.

It contains a blend of chemicals that reduce valve seat recession and upper cylinder wear, promoting a cleaner burn (without leaving deposits in the combustion chamber), improving throttle response & engine smoothness. The ethanol protection, cleansing & anti-corrosion additives ensure the entire fuel system, including carburetors & injection components, is kept clean and corrosion free. It is safe for use with all petrol types, including ethanol fuels (E10), and is non-damaging to fuel hoses or filters. The lead replacement additive gives excellent protection against It also facilitates cold starting to reduce cold-running emissions and prevents carburetor icing. It has been successfully tested in a wide variety of car and motorcycle engines, including 2-stroke engines.

  • Prevents valve recession
  • Combats adverse effects of ethanol
  • Cleans and maintains the fuel system
  • Carburettor anti-icing protection
  • Add up to 4 octane to unleaded fuel (at maximum over treatment)
  • Reduces detonation/engine knock (pinking or pinging)
  • Suitable for vehicles requiring leaded or high octane (5 star) fuel

Directions for use:
Pour into tank then refuel to ensure thorough mixing. 250ml treats 40 litres of unleaded fuel. Maximum over treatment up to 500ml per 40 litres is acceptable.

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