Gear Oils

Dynolite offer a broad range of oils and lubricants for Veteran, Vintage, Classic cars and motorcycles, blended to exceed the original vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Dynolite Gear Oil

This multigrade oil replaces the SAE30 & EP80 commonly used in gearboxes.
Gear Oil 30 & Gear Oil 40

Dynolite Transoils

Formulated for use in conical torque, non-Hypoid gear systems.
Transoils 90, 140 & 250

Dynolite Hypoid Gear Oils

Full Hypoid oils blended to GL5 specification used in many cars and light chassis vehicles from 1960 onwards.
Hypoid 80W-90 & 85W-140

Dynolite Mild EP Gear Oils

This SAE140 grade oil is for use in Hypoid type gears manufactured before 1960 and screw gears.

Dynolite No Noise

Developed to mask noisy gearboxes and gears.
EP 85W-140, 1 litre

Dynolite Semi-Fluid Grease

Ideal for the transmissions of certain vintage cars and motorbikes.

Engine Oils

Prewar engines, classic & synthetic

Other Products

Everything you need for your classic