Dynolite Supercool Coolant



Super Cool wetter additive is specially formulated to enhance cooling system performance by maximizing the thermal transfer ability of coolant.

Using Super Cool improves the heat transfer properties of the coolant. This means that the transfer of heat from the engine to the coolant then from the coolant to the radiator is increased. Bubbles, vapor barriers & cavitation can form across the hot metal surfaces within the engine’s cooling system; Super Cool will reduce or eliminate these characteristics and lower the engine’s coolant temperature by up to 30°(F). Super Cool is designed to work with the engine’s cooling system and will not reduce the engine’s operating temperature beyond the thermostatically controlled range.

The additives in Super Cool are specifically chosen to be Ph neutral, reducing scaling, and are suitable for use with plain water or water/glycol based coolants. It is safe for use with all modern aluminium, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze cooling systems and acts as a cleaner and lubricant for water pumps & seals.

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