Engine Oils

Dynolite offer a broad range of oils and lubricants for Veteran, Vintage, Classic cars and motorcycles, blended to exceed the original vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Dynolite Classic Engine Oils

Multigrade Detergent & Dispersant Engine Oils
Available in Grades 20W-50 – 25W-70

Dynolite Prewar Engine Oils

Multigrade non-dispersant & micro-detergent engine oils
Available in Grades 20w-60 – 40W-70

Dynolite Synthetic Racing Oil

for modern multi-valve, twin cam, turbo and all high-performance engines
Available in Grade 10W-60

Dynolite Running In Oil

 Specially formulated to allow the correct bedding in of the engine internals.
Available in Grade 20W-50

Gear Oil

Transoils, Hypoids and Grease

Other Products

Everything you need for your classic