Dynolite Gear Oil

Gear Oil 30 - Multigrade 20w-60 & Gear Oil 40 - Multigrade 25w-70


Gear Oil 30 - Multigrade 20w-60. Replaces EP80, SAE30 & 20w-50.

Gear Oil 40 - Multigrade 25w-70. Replaces EP90 & SAE40.

This multigrade oil replaces the SAE30 & EP80 commonly used in gearboxes. It is compatible with straight-cut and synchromesh gears, and safe for use in overdrive units. It does not contain any EP type additive that would destroy yellow metals such as bronze, copper or brass.

This oil does not contain any friction modifier additives which can cause slipping in overdrive clutches and preselector gearboxes, such as Cotal or Wilson.

Replaces oils originally specified as EP80, SAE30 & 20W/60.

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